Sick of your slow computer? want your computer running fast again?

Your winodws registry is a vital part of your computers performance but over time certain programs and files can damage your computer,that is why it is imoprtant to have an effective registry cleaner that will scan your computers files and registry and repair them quickly thus eliminating your slow computer for good.

How Do I Know If It Will Work?

A best registry cleaner will scan your computers system files,detect the error within the registry and will fix the corruption in the registry.Some of the more common errors include:

Slow Computer – caused by corrupted files,good registry cleaner will make your pc fast again.

Runtime Error – A bad file name or error that occurs when the script can’t find a file.

DLL Errors – A missing or corrupt files that is caused by a bad installation.

.EXE Error – Occurs when starting up a program due to uneeded files in the registry.

Blue Screen – A critical system error that cause your pc to shutdown upon startup.

System32 Error – Error caused by missing or corrupt system files.

Which is The Best Registry Cleaner For Me?

Through our testing we only found a few registry cleaners that will get the job done.We found that RegTweaker was by the far the best,it was easy to use,offers in depth reports and scanning options and provided a very high satisfaction rate among customers.Registry Easy came a strong second.Top Reason:24 hour a day Customer Support,and 60 Days money back Guarantee.

Recommended Vista/Windows 7 Registry Cleaner: RegTweaker – Free Scan Click Here
Recommended Windows Xp Registry Cleaner:RegTweaker – Free Scan Click Here
Recommended Windows 2000 Registry Clenaer:Registry Easy – Free Scan Click Here

Currently,You can read our full Comparison below.

2013 TOP Registry Cleaner Side-by-side Comparison Chart



Registry Easy
Registry Fix
Overall Rating 99/100 95/100 90/100 80/100 70/100
Download downloadnow_7 downloadnow_7 downloadnow_7 downloadnow_7 downloadnow_7
Website Visit  Website Visit Website Visit Website Visit Website Visit Website
Money Back Guaranteed 8 Weeks 8 Weeks 8 Weeks 8 Weeks 8 Weeks
Windows 7 Support y y y y y
Error Report y y y y y
Deep Scan y y y y y
Scan Log y y y y y
Backup/Restore y y n n n
Registry Optimizer y y y y y
System Optimizer y n y y y
IE Tools y y y y n
Detects & Repairs
Application y y y y y
Shared Paths y y y y y
File Associations y y y n y
ActiveX Controls y y n y y
Help Files y y y y y
Font Files y y y y n
Startup Files y y y y y
BHO Manage y y y n n
IE Manage y n y y y
Techincal Support
Email y y y y y
Live Support y y n n n
FAQ’s y y y y y
Features y y y y y
Ease of Use y y y y y
Repairs y y y y y
Support y y y y y
Registry Scan downloadnow_7 downloadnow_7 downloadnow_7 downloadnow_7 downloadnow_7

The Best Registry Cleaner is RegTweaker !

RegTweaker is the best overall Registry cleaner & repairer that we reviewed, with Top Notch performance and an easy to use interface…we were very impressed with the difference it made on our test system!

The installation process is straight forward, presented with standard install options and an End User License Agreement (EULA).

RegTweaker promised to run quickly and it really does. It burns through all the categories in it’s routine super fast. A lot of the registry cleaners seem to drag, and you have to wait a long time. And we are very surprised to find that RegTweaker reported 1284 errors on our pc, considering that it is only a few months old — and we haven’t installed very many applications!

RegTweaker can create backups of the Registry before applying any changes. In the unlikely event that a Registry recovery is necessary. This is an important feature and should never be overlooked when choosing a registry cleaner. Any decent registry cleaner should at least offer a backup/restore option and the safest ones should do the automatic backup for you and yes RegTweaker does this every time you use it thus ensuring that your registry cleaning experience is as safe as possible.

Powerful Customer Service Team makes RegTweaker software more perfect. The stuffs continuously answer and solve the problems presented by users online by 24 hours. If you are not satisfied with RegTweaker purchase for any reasons, They will be happy to provide you with a full refund. It comes with a 60 days money back guaranteed.

RegTweaker quickly increased the speed and efficiency of our computer, the results were immediately noticeable! It’s better than every other product we tested.

RegTweaker is one of the best value registry cleaners on the market today and has few unsatisfied customers. It is a product you can trust. It offers very good value for money and we whole-heartedly recommend it to you. If you buy it you will not be disappointed.